Lady Leshurr Net Worth

How much did Lady Leshurr earn? What are Lady Leshurr’s income sources? How much is Lady Leshurr’s net worth? How much does she make per year?

Lady Leshurr Net Worth: 2 Million Dollars

Birthday: December 15, 1988
Birth location: Kingshurst, UK
Jobs: Rapper, singer
Citizehship: United Kingdom
Movies: Lapse of Honour, 1 Day
Genre: Grime, British hip hop, House music
Albums: Mona Leshurr, Every Little Counts, Queen’s Speech – EP, Off the Lesh

Melesha O’Garro, known professionally as Lady Leshurr, is an English rapper, singer, and producer. She is best known for her Queen’s Speech series of freestyles, the fourth of which went viral in 2016. Wikipedia

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