Jennifer Hawkins Net Worth

How much did Jennifer Hawkins earn? What are Jennifer Hawkins’ income sources? How much is Jennifer Hawkins’ net worth? How much does she make per year?

Jennifer Hawkins Net Worth: 15 Million Dollars

Birth location: Holmesville, New South Wales, Australia
Birthday: December 22, 1983
Life partner: Jake Wall (m. 2013)
Siblings: Brad Hawkins, Kirsty Vitnell, Michael Hawkins
Star sign: Capricorn
Titles: Miss Universe Australia 2004, Miss Universe 2004
Jobs: Model, entrepreneur, television presenter
Tall: 5 ft 11 in – 1.80 m
Family: Robert Hawkins, Gail Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins is an Australian model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, television presenter and beauty queen best known for being crowned Miss Universe Australia and later the same year Miss Universe 2004. Wikipedia

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