Igor Sechin Net Worth

How much did Igor Sechin earn? What are his income sources? How much is Igor Sechin’s net worth? How much does Igor Sechin make per year?

Igor Sechin Net Worth: 1.2 Billion Dollars 

Birthday: September 7, 1960
Birth location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Jobs: Businessman, Russian official, CEO “Rosneft”
Education: Saint Petersburg State University
Nationality: Russian
Spouse: Marina Sechina (ex-spouse)
Children: Inga Sechina, Ivan Sechin
Family: Nina Sechina
Siblings: Irina Shtukina

Igor Ivanovich Sechin is a Russian official, considered a close ally of Vladimir Putin. Sechin is often described as one of Putin’s most conservative counselors and the leader of the Kremlin’s Siloviki …Wikipedia

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