Harley Morenstein Net Worth

How much did Harley Morenstein earn? What are Harley Morenstein’s income sources? How much is Harley Morenstein’s net worth? How much does he make per year?

Harley Morenstein Net Worth: 7 Million Dollars

Birthday: July 20, 1985
Birth location: Montreal, Canada
Tall: 6 ft 6 in – 1.98 m
Siblings: Darren Morenstein
Citizenship: Canadian
Jobs: Actor, ─░nternet personality
Awards: Shorty Award for Best in Food

Harley Morenstein is a Canadian actor, Internet personality and vlogger. He co-created, produces, and hosts the YouTube show Epic Meal Time and its FYI television spin-off series Epic Meal Empire. He also runs a successful vlog channel. Wikipedia

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