Dave Bing Net Worth

How much did Dave Bing earn? What are Dave Bing’s income sources? How much is Dave Bing’s net worth? How much does he make per year?

Dave Bing Net Worth: 6 Million Dollars

Birthday: November 24, 1943
Birth location: Washington, D.C., USA
Tall: 6 ft 3 in – 1.91 m
Family: Hasker Bing, Juanita Bing
Weight: 84 kg
Jobs: Former Mayor of Detroit
University: Syracuse University, Spingarn High School
Citizenship: American
Life partner: Yvette Bing
Awards: All-NBA Team 1971, NBA Rookie of the Year Award, NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award, NBA All-Rookie Team, National Basketball Association Awards – J. Walter Kenne

David Bing is an American businessman, retired Hall of Fame basketball player, and former mayor of Detroit, Michigan. Wikipedia

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