Cynthia Rhodes Net Worth

How much did Cynthia Rhodes earn? What are Cynthia Rhodes’ income sources? How much is Cynthia Rhodes’ net worth? How much does she make per year?

Cynthia Rhodes Net Worth: 2 Million Dollars

Birthday: November 21, 1956
Birth location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Jobs: Actress, singer, dancer
Music group: Animotion (Since 1988)
Citizenship: United States of America
Years active: 1970–1991
Tall: 5 ft 7 in – 1.7 m
Life partner: Richard Marx (m. 1989–2014)
Kids: Lucas Marx, Brandon Marx, Jesse Marx

Cynthia Rhodes is an American retired actress, singer and dancer. Her film roles include Tina Tech in Flashdance, Jackie in Staying Alive and Penny in Dirty Dancing. Wikipedia

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